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Mindfulness Meditation. 
It just works.

Welcome to The Inner Theater. 

Here’s the deal – meditation just works.  It works now just like it has for over 3000 years.  And It’s not hard.  You just start meditating and you commit to doing it every day.  Sounds simple right?  Turns out to be not so simple for a lot of people. That’s why you need an experienced and creative coach to help keep your practice lively and enduring.

Here’s another thing – many people don’t know that you can use mindfulness meditation to help with specific issues – substance abuse, relationship problems, work issues, anxiety, depression.  We at The Inner Theater are certified mindfulness mediation teachers as well as hypnotherapy practitioners. We draw on ancient and contemporary teachings culled from lifelong study including Ram Dass, Eckhart Tolle, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and a whole host of other mystics and tricksters.

 Of additional interest to some is our integration of years of Enneagram study into our meditation coaching.  If you have not heard of the Enneagram, an ancient Sufi personality system, be prepared to have your eyes opened about some of your more curious behaviors.

We promise never to bore or patronize you.  We promise to listen to you and create a customized training that addresses your problems in ways that make sense for you.

Wheat Field

My Coaching Story

Cerified.  Creative.  Supportive

I have spent my life chasing calm.  After years of cobbling together a half-assed meditation practice backed up by obsessive reading about eastern mysticism, I finally committed to daily practice.  I won’t bore you with the sad details of the many personal and professional issues this decision helped me to finally tackle.  Suffice to say that I stopped many habits, made a radical career change and repaired the broken relationships in my life.  In short – I am just like you:  a person with problems that seemed overwhelming and permanent.  Let me assure you that no problems are overwhelming or permanent.  We at The Inner Theater can help you.

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